installation piece / 2014


Wenn ein Baum im Wald fällt und niemand ist da um es zu hören, gibt es dann ein Geräusch?

Memories and their intesitiy alter our perception of passed time tremendously.Hence we try to grasp them using books, films and other more or less lasting media.

relativity observers its environment, translating activity around it into drops of ink of paper. The piece uses water, yellow and blue ink. If the amount of activity rises around the machine, it will start to mix the colors to create vivid color displays, while less activity will lead to faded patterns.

The drops are caught on a slowly dispensed paper roll until it eventually runs out, like a human runs out of time.

The resulting strip of paper is an abstract visualization of the machines memories, visual, but essentially only a glimpse of whatever really happened.

Using ink and paper as a reference to books while the media itself is handled like a zelluloid film roll reflects our eventually effortless to conserve memories and how even the same book or movie will be perceived wildly different by two different persons.